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13 Fishing Concept C6.6 9BB Aluminum Frame/Carbon Side Plates Reel


Free 13 Fishing Cap with the purchase of any 13 Fishing Concept reel.

The Ocean Armor Saltwater Protection process makes these reels formidable in both freshwater and saltwater. With Ceramic Hybrid Bearings, Japanese Dead Stop Anti-Reverse, and a Featherweight Magnesium Body and Side plate construction, 13 Fishing Concept E Reels are easily one of the best performing reels ever created.

I’ve been testing the 13 Fishing Concept KP reel since this spring. Why test it so long? Well because I was having too much fun with it. It was my main flipping reel all through the “flooded bushes season.” Then it was my skipping docks reel in the summer. And lately it’s been a nifty little topwater reel.

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Stetson Blaylock and the 13 Concept Reels- Bulldog Drag System

13 Fishing Concept E Reels weigh only 5.85 oz. but wield 22 pounds of face wrenching, jaw jacking, high-fiving drag! Equipped with 13 Fishing's Beetle Wing Rapid access side plate, and the new Stage 13 expert braking system, allowing you to squeeze every last inch out of your casts.

13 Fishing Concept TX Reels were constructed to meet the extreme demands of Gulf Coast anglers. The Gulf Coast's extreme salinity demands durability, and the 13 Fishing Concept TX takes it to a new level with Ocean Armor 2 saltwater protection and 100% resistant sealed bearings.