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16mm Movie Film Reel - 400 ft. 7 in.


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“Get over here right now,” he growled. “There are five UPS trucks in front of my house. Each one of them is filled with boxes of 16mm reels of “You Bet Your Life.”

But Collins died in 1988, at 46. Decades later, her daughter discovered the original 16mm reels of Losing Ground,had them remastered, and launched the effort to bring the film to light. The literary world also remembered Kathleen Collins, and used its powers to give us Whatever Happened to Interracial Love?

16mm Odd Reel #2 "Muscle Beach Party" FRANKIE AVAL

  • TEMPORARILY OUT KODAK 8MM/16MM EDITING OUTFIT - For editing, repairing and cleaning your film. High geared hand rewind set for 400' capacity 8mm or 16mm reels. Comes with a presstape splicer for 8mm and 16mm films (not super-8, however the Kodak Universal dual-8/16mm splicer would also snap in the center). Can also be used with super-8 reels if you have the correct type spindle adapter (not included). Needed to use for cleaning your films with the Flannel Silicone Cloth (see below). Comes with one 400' 8mm or 16mm reel and a package of splicing tape of your choice. Like New in the worn OB - $159

USA 16mm odd reel #2 "muscle beach party" frankie

A set of four, metal 16mm film reels with old footage (of what I'm not sure!). The reels and the metal canisters have a worn in character about them. Great items for display or altered art. Enjoy!

Two months later, “The Best of Groucho” appeared on KTLA, the same week my grandfather received his honorary Academy Award, and was soon running on hundreds of stations throughout the country. Since then, the shows have been released on VHS, DVD and now the various streaming services for many millions to enjoy, all because of a phone call from some guy working in a warehouse in New Jersey asking if we wanted him to send us some 16mm reels of “You Bet Your Life.”