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8MM Movie Film Reel - 400 Ft.

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I don't see where it says regular 8mm on it. That is definitely Super 8 film you have threaded on it, and the sound head is the right distance from the picture head for Super 8 (regular 8mm magnetic sound had the sound head I think 54 frames ahead of picture, compared with 18 frames in Super 8). If the sprocket holes in the film are properly fitting onto the sprocket wheels in the picture, then it's definitely Super 8. If the sprocket wheel were regular 8mm the spacing wouldn't match (72 holes to the foot in Super 8 and 80 in regular 8mm) and the sprocket teeth are bigger. The spindle for regular 8mm reels is smaller than Super 8, 5/16 inch vs 1/2 inch if my memory is correct. A spindle adaptor was commonplace on dual 8 projectors and editors that I don't think this is dual 8 and the adpator would only help you with the reels, not the film itself.

was found on an 8mm reel in a junk shop in western Massachusetts by of Standard Design. He held onto the “mystery reel” for a decade before deciding to watch it! When he finally viewed it, he discovered the rare COLOR footage of the parade featuring a Pinocchio with a GIANT INFLATED NOSE…

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  • BELL & HOWELL 8MM 400'(7") STEEL REEL & CAN SET (14) - Standard 8mm steel reel and can set. Brand New late 1950's old store stock - $25 each

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An instant 8mm film released in 1977 by Polaroid, Polavision uses the same perforations as Super 8mm film. It can be projected through a Super 8mm projector if the film is transferred from the original cartridge to a 8mm reel. However, because of the additive process, the picture will be much darker.

A unique vintage blue 8mm film reel and canister made by Reelane in Long Island NY for Longs Drugs Photo Dept. in Fullerton. This reel will make a great addition to anyone's home decor. Get creative and add this reel to the sides of picture frames or the frame of your favorite movie poster.