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Abu Garcia BMAX3 Black Max Low Profile Fishing Reel


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The first time I hit the water, I gave it a few good casts just to see how the casting performance would be. Based on my last experience with an Abu Garcia reel, I kind of hesitated to make that first cast. But I did cast and the reel performed impressively, casting the bait a good distance and not giving me any grief with backlashes.

The Revo S, Revo Inshore and Revo Premier reels make up the Revo Series fishing reels family and have become instant favorites among anglers. Why you may ask? Anglers have taken to these reels for their unique, low profile design. The reels' innovative, sleek construct allows for a comfortable grip while still maintaining what you would expect from an Abu Garcia fishing reel - incredible power and smooth usage. Revo fishing reels have the ability to hold a substantial amount of fishing line and all of these features come at a staggering low price for such valuable pieces of equipment.

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In case you need a quick refresher course, Na is the 11th element of the Periodic Table and is the abbreviation for sodium. Cl is the 17th element whose acronym equates to chlorine. Combine Na and Cl and what do you get? Salt - as in saltwater. The Revo Toro NaCl was born and bred to do its thing in saltwater and every component on these new Abu Garcia baitcasting reels has been designed and manufactured to support this simple but straightforward mission objective.

Abu Garcia established itself as a world class watch maker - developing expertise in precision gears, that were smooth operating and long lasting. It was a natural step to develop world class operating fishing reels, spinning, spincast and bait casting reels. Whatever your fishing passion is, Abu Garcia Reels can meet your needs.