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As one of the UK's leading Abu Seven Reel suppliers, North East Tackle Supplies are known for stocking the very best in specialist Seven Reels from a variety of industry-leading brands including . Our range of Abu Seven Reels are used by amateurs and professionals! Take a look through our range of Abu 7 Reels online today

As anglers upgrade and buy new salmon baitcasters their old Abu reels are kept as spares. They may be battered and the paint worn off but because spares parts are inexpensive and readily acquired they can be kept working like new. Try to avoid laying your rod and reel down on the stones. This will avoid your valuable reels becoming scratched.

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Abu Garcia Reels | The Surfcaster

Abu Garcia reels have the type of quality you can feel with every cast and performance that rivals any competitor. Their customers swear by their innovative, lightweight, and high-performance line of reels.

The first time I hit the water, I gave it a few good casts just to see how the casting performance would be. Based on my last experience with an Abu Garcia reel, I kind of hesitated to make that first cast. But I did cast and the reel performed impressively, casting the bait a good distance and not giving me any grief with backlashes.