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Abu Garcia Classic Baitcast Reel, C4-6600


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Ambassadeur reels came in various marked cases through the years but the very first case offered had no markings at all. Each case came with correct paperwork for the reel packaged, a spare parts tube, oil bottle and wrench. Case measurements for the 5000 model are 4 7/8" inch long and 6000 case measures 5 1/2" inch long. All cases below appear in chronological order and their dates should be considered very close for the time period offered.

I would like to share some cleaning tips with you that I've learned through trial and error over the years. The information given hear has been practiced on every reel in my collection and includes the expensive presentation models which are plated in 24KT gold. Please pay special attention to my explanations of where, and where not to use Acetone. This is a harsh stripper but used carefully, it can do wonders for a reels appearance. These tips are for Ambassadeur reels made from 1952~1979. The composition make up of plastic parts in reels made in 1980 or later may be different. I suggest you spot test first before using this product. Rubber O-rings found on the left bearing housing should not be cleaned with Acetone either.

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How To Clean Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Fishing Reels

Collecting Ambassadeur reels has become a popular activitie and is a worldwide hobby. Knowledge about the reels you are collecting is so important. One has to be able to recognize "knock-offs" and they are on Ebay most any day. A collector needs to know what affect "replacement" parts on a reel have and the effect they have as to value. A replacement part on a reel sold as original can be critical and in many cases collectors will not even look at your reel.

Publications that aid the collector of ABU Garcia merchandise include 'The Ambassadeur and I' and its sequel 'The Ambassadeur and I Final Chapter' both by Simon Shimomura. There is also a book titled 'Vintage Fishing Reels of Sweden' by Daniel Skupien that contains a large amount of valuable information on ABU Garcia fishing tackle, as well as a comprehensive work detailing the history of smaller Ambassadeur reels,´'Small Ambassadeurs: The Legendary Light-line Fishing Reels: The Ambassadeur 2500C, 1500C and related Models' by authors Espen Sjaastad and Karl-Eric Svensson.