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Ardent Apex Elite Fishing Reel with 6.5:1 Gear Ratio, Left Hand


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"I make my living fishing and not only do I have to rely on hard work and skill but I also have to 100% faith in my equipment. Using Ardent reels all I have to worry about is doing my part. Not only are my reels dependable but they also super smooth and feel extremely good in my hands."

The Team Ardent program is now entering its 9th year with over 250 North American Anglers who utilize Ardent reels, rods & reel care products. All Team Ardent members will be using a number of new products this year including the Apex Grand, Apex Magnum, Wire, Bolt, Finesse spinning reels & Edge rods. To learn more about becoming a Team Ardent Member contact

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  • Ardent Spinning Reels - Gander Mountain

    Apply a pinhead-size oil drop to bearings in the bearing race cover. Don't overdo it. Too much oil interferes with bearing performance. A small drop of quality high-speed oil — Quantum's Hot Sauce, Boca Bearings' Lightning Lube, or Ardent Reels' Reel Butter — will do. The race cover has a very small gap for oil to enter. Spin it to allow oil to enter bearings. Add a small drop of oil on the spool shaft ends. Clean bearing housing areas with a reel cleaner, using Q-Tips and pipe cleaners for hard-to-reach areas. Put the reel back together working from right to left, taking parts from the tackle box. The reel should cast as good as new.

    "In just 10 years Ardent reels has become one of the leading high-performance reel manufacturers in the world. When I picked up the Ardent reel, the first thing I noticed was that it was light and comfortable. Then when I saw how far it cast, I was sold."