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Avet SXJ 5.3:1 Single Speed Reel,Blue


Applies to all Avet Reels - except G2 Series

Understanding Avet Reel Sizes and Capabilities
With the numerous models of Avet reels available, it can be confusing to choose the reel that will best suit your needs and style of fishing. From our world renowned original Avet single and 2-speed casting reels and heavy duty stand-up / trolling big game reels, to our Raptor Dual Drag and TR-X Quad Drags with incredible train stopping drag pressures, there is an Avet model that will handle any big game fish on the planet. With the thousands of species of sport fish, and numerous different fishing styles and techniques, there is no single reel that can realistically cover everything. The following will help narrow down the constantly growing line of Avet Reels to the ones that will work best for you and your target game. We also offer modification accessories to fine tune your Avet Reel to species specific techniques, like our South Florida Cam to fine tune your drag curve for kingfish and sailfish, or special rod mounting accessories like out trigger seat foot or extended length clamp mounting studs. See our accessories page.

The reel uses the same gear change functionality as other Avet reels. Pull the button all the way out for the highest speed. Push the button in once for the middle speed and push it in once more to access the low speed. Then hit the trip to access the higher gears again.

Applies to all Avet Reels - except G2 Series

AVET Quad TRX 50 Wide 2-Speed
New cast control system only available from Avet Reels prevention of backlash and as a line out adjustment for live bait fishing

Applies to all Avet Reels - except G2 Series

This is a great reel for trolling for billfish, tuna, sharkand dorado. It can also be used for stand-up fishing for billfish, big tuna, shark andwahoo. Or you can use this reel for bottom fishing for giant black seabass,big halibut, lingcod, yellowtailand giant grouper. Being a 2-speed reel it can handle those long battles with magnum sized fish. Avet reels have their famous dual caliper drag washers with brake disk that allows you to put maximum pressure on the fish by utilizing a large amount of drag pressure. This is a great quality reel that will sell for a great price.

What The Avet Model Letters And Numbers Mean
Avet casting reels (SX - HX) are grouped in "families" or "series" by size, more specifically by diameter, with the SX Series being the smallest, and the HX Series the largest. Within each series, there are different options and variations like spool width ("J" or "jig" denotes a narrow spool, and "L" or "large" is a standard width spool, and "W" is a "wide" spool). Other options within a series are different retrieve speeds, (numbers with "." denote single speed gears while numbers with "/" denote 2-speed gears. Example: SX 5.3 = single speed, SX 6/4 = 2-speed). Increased drag output (Raptors) and magnetic anti-backlash cast control (M.C. Cast) are also options within a series.