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Although Baitcasters can be a bit more expensive, they offer great casting control in addition to exact lure placement via spool thumbing. If you're new to Baitcasting Reels, they can be a bit tricky to learn to cast. Fortunately, once mastered, Baitcasters are arguably some of the most fun to cast.

Finally, make sure that a baitcasting reel has instantly engaging anti-reverse, which prohibits backward movement of the handle. Most baitcasting reels have this feature, which is accomplished via a one-way roller bearing and is called continuous or infinite anti-reverse. This eliminates any play in the handle and drive gear when you stop reeling, and aids solid hooksetting.

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If you’re just getting into baitcasting reels, the is a good one to start with. This is an affordable entry-level reel that will help you make longer casts at higher speeds using less effort. Mastering baitcasting reels can be tricky, but the Pinnacle Platinum Plus makes both casting and retrieving smooth fairly easy. Standout features of this reel include an unlimited anti-reverse system, an audible click drag star, a fully-adjustable magnetic cast control system with 8 magnets and a high-speed 6.2:1 gear ratio.

Baitcasting reels date back to the mid-17th century and first became popular in the 1870s. They are suited best to fishing for larger freshwater fishing species such as largemouth bass, northern pike, and muskellunge. Larger sizes are used for trolling for large saltwater fish such as marlin and tuna. Casting with baitcasting tackle can be difficult for first-time anglers to get the hang of, but can be mastered with practice.