Surf reel / Baitrunner reel; Gear ratio:4.1:1

Yoshikawa Saltwater Fishing Spinning Reel Baitrunner Aluminum Spool Handle 11 Ball Bearings CY6000

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Shimano Baitrunner Spinning Reel - The Surfcaster

It’s resulted in the now widely appreciated baitrunner reels, also known as freespool or free-runner reels. Baitrunner reels allow carp (or other large fish) to pick up the bait, and swim away freely, ideally hooking themselves in the process.

This fishing technique has become extremely successful and would not be as possible without the invention of baitrunner reels. The range and price of baitrunners varies dramatically, particularly within . We have short-listed the best baitrunners between £30 and £160. There are second hand baitrunners widely available but partly due to the additional engineering within baitrunner reel mechanisms, we advise purchasing new.

Shimano BTR-8000D Baitrunner Spinning Reel Parts

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    The Brands
    Shimano have a strong prominence in the baitrunner reel world, and have built a dedicated customer base through their high performance baitrunner reels. Once again they dominate the top 5 in this years round up of the best.

    The Interceptor is a worthy runner up in 5th place, competing with the Shimano ST on best value for money. This newer model from Okuma has built upon and improved an existing design to deliver a quality baitrunner reel