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Well, it’s official! One of the top companies in the float fishing industry has come out with their own centerpin reel. tackle is known for their great selection of floats, hooks, and leader materials, and now they have their own Centerpin reel.

The Kingpin C2 Centerpin reel has a solid face and backplate design, giving it a very classic look. Featuring many of the great characteristics as the Kingpin R2, this reels exposed edges have a radius to make it very comfortable in hand. No “hot spots” from trying to stop an angry fish on the run. Available in Black.

Centerpin Reel: Islander Steelheader and Raven SST II.

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    For those unfamiliar with a Centerpin, the concept is simple. This is a reel that is designed for float fisherman fishing rivers and streams. To properly present your bait to a fish you want to have the perfect drift and float control. The centerpin reel looks a lot like a fly reel on steroids, but it is a finely tuned machine with such fine bearings in it that it will spin freely to allow your line to pay out for that perfect uninterrupted drift.

    Fishing with a centerpin reel differs in a number of ways from spinning and fly reels, but the most notable is the lack of a drag. That means when a fish hits, it’s up to the angler to feather the spool with his fingers to provide tension without breaking the light leader. Too much and the fish will break off; too little and the reel will backlash or the fish will use the slack line to spit the hook. Unsurprisingly, I lost my first steelhead of the day when I set the hook too late and was too light on the drag. The second fish stayed on long enough to get to the net, but not without some panic inducing moments when I would be too light on the drag and then overcompensate by clamping down, straining the line to the breaking point. But the hook held and my first centerpin steel was in hand.