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Fishing Reel Center Pin 5"



Angling's biggest star - Matt Hayes - showcases his new centrepin reel. It's part of the MH Limited Edition range and there are only 1,000 available. Have you bought yours yet?

Smooth is the only way to describe the Islander Steelheader Centrepin float reel. Just grab the handle and spin the spool; you'd swear it was powered by batteries. No batteries, just precision machining, bearings and balance.

Campbell Centre Pin Reel - Duration: 6:06

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    Welcome to the introduction to Centrepin Reels. Also known as the single action reel, this is a free spooling/hand controlled reel that is used here in British Columbia for float fishing our rivers and streams for Salmon and Steelhead. In 1894, centrepin Reels were first documented and introduced by Samuel Allcocks in the UK. From the UK to North America, centrepins have evolved into a major tool for float fisherman and have been used religiously for the past 50 years or more for Salmon and Steelhead throughout the province. Now in the 21st Century, centrepins have become an even bigger tool for most anglers because they have evolved into more modern styles, and are used by more people.

    There are two main types of centrepin reels available on the market; Bushing and Bearing. While both reels are effective, they do fish a bit differently from one another. It is all personal preference when it comes down to it, but as a general rule of thumb, bushing reels are more desirable for most anglers. The big difference between the two reels is the startup spin. Bearing reels have a slower start up, and take a longer time to load up before they really spin, and bushing reels have a smoother and quicker start up than a bearing reel. Regardless of the startup, both reels are effective.