cotton reels with 1950's fabric

Galt Toys Inc Cotton Reels


Cotton Reels x 16 & 5 laces/Pkt

I found these vintage cotton reels sitting in a basket at a friend’s place. The only brand name I recognised was Sylko. I thought they were lovely.

ere’s an ‘old-school’ friction toy that I have recently discovered. I reckon most of you, being a crafty lot, must have some old cotton reels knocking about so why not give it a bash?

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    Cotton Reels should be part of every toddler’s craft box. There are so many different uses for them, particularly when it comes to fine motor activities. Today we are going to use them for a painting activity. The bottom (and top) of most cotton reels normally have a pattern on them, and you can also roll the cotton reels in paint for a different effect.

    Hi, I'm Sally and welcome to Cotton Reel Crafts. I chose this name as many items I make are from the things that surround me: fabric, ribbon, buttons and of course lovely old wooden cotton reels. I love up-cycling old unwanted items to make into new original, beautiful things.
    I've always loved making things and learnt from watching my mother sewing and mending anything that came her way.
    I love the American Primitive style of crafting and vintage patchwork styles too.