I would get 2 of the Daiwa electric reels.

Daiwa TANACOM1000 Dendoh Fishing Reel, 30-40 lb, Black


Deep Fishing on Daiwa MegaTwin Electric Reel (1)

Please note. Available reel: daiwa electric reel 1000 size below (* this product is a daiwa electric reel only)the remaining capacity at a glance with remaining check function (* only when you press the battery check button lights up)care after fishing also easily washable (* do not soak in water)we use tracking service to send a product for your country. This product is 100% authentic.

A new Daiwa electric reel might open up untapped fishing frontiers by making it easy for button-pushing line retrieving. It should also ease fishing for anglers who want the sizzle of the sport but lack the stamina to reel in hundreds of feet of deep-jigged line with a recalcitrant fish on the end.

Daiwa Electric Reel '14 Seaborg 300J New SHIP from Japan 1000 | eBay

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    DAIWA Electric Reel Seaborg Megatwin 14 750MT
    RM3,990.00 RM3,610.00
  • Daiwa Electric Reel '14 Seaborg 300J NEW Ship From Japan 1000 | eBay