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Scuba Max 150 foot Dive Reel Yellow with thumb stopper


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Buy a Divers Reel with 80m of Line online from our website and collect from our shop in St Columb Road near Fraddon in Cornwall or you can collect from any branch within the Canoe Shops Group. There is no cost associated with instore collection*.

A large handle and line guide makes anchor retrival easier. This is a divers reel and is deisgned for saltwater use so all metal components are stainless steel.

Reel and Torch Combo - Northern Diver Diving Line Reels

  • McMahon Compact SMB Reel | Small Divers SMB Reel
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    McMahon Compact SMB Reel is ideal for use with delayed SMBs. The compact McMahon SMB Reel will fit into a drysuit pocket and is relatively easy to wind for its compact size. A top selling Divers DSMB reel with 50m of line

    Our innovative Northern Diver line reel has a unique design and it has been manufactured from a combination of anodized aluminium and synthetic polymers, to make it strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant.