Z61 - Performance Diver - Aluminium Dive Reel

Finger Reel with Brass Clip Wreck Scuba Diving Tech Spool 3 Sizes, MEDIUM 100 FT


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Our innovative Northern Diver line reel has a unique design and it has been manufactured from a combination of anodized aluminium and synthetic polymers, to make it strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant.

Here is our range of scuba diving reels and line, these reels are an important piece of equipment which all divers need to remain safe at all times, they are usually used to secure you to a SMB when diving, they can also be used when exploring wrecks & caves, or just to help train other divers.

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#18 Extreme Duty Dive Reel Line - White with Yellow Marker

In the early days of Cave Diving, Reels were not available to buy off the shelf. Divers used anything they could, including Empty Electrical Wire Spools. When Exploring, Divers would Pay-Out the Line and if they didn't Empty-the-Spool it would be left in the Cave for the Next Dive. Aqua's Ratchet Primary Reel is a Large Diver's Reel designed for Cave and Wreck Diving. The Reel is available with 2-Line Lengths of 140' or 250' (42 7 or 76 2 meters).

This Unique, High Impact and Corrosion Resistant Plastic Reel is Extremely-Durable and feature a unique, Thumb-Operated, Ratchet Lever Line Payout Design. Press the Lever and the Spool allows Line to Pay-Out, Stop Pressing and the Ratchet Lever Stops Spool from Turning. Reel is equipped with Strong and Durable Line that has a special Braid capable of holding a maximum 176 lbs (80 kg) of Dry Weight. To attach the Reel to your Equipment, Reel has a Chrome Plated Bass Spring Loaded 360 - Swivel Gate Clip and a Durable ABS Plastic Handle. The Reel Position the Handle On-Top, which helps Divers who use a Handheld Light to hold Both-the-Light-and-the-Reel in One-Hand, Freeing the other Hand to Work the Reel.

The Ratchet Dive Reel, Yellow is commonly used for Cold Water, Extreme Depths, Recreation, Warm Water and more. The Ratchet Dive Reel, Yellow is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Advanced Diver, Divemaster, Recreational Diver among others. The Ratchet Dive Reel, Yellow is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Ratchet Dive Reel, Yellow: Easy To Use, Functional, Improves Diving Experience, Lightweight, Stylish.

Nothing much has changed in twenty years. The Tektite stobe is exactly the same, and you can still get good big dive reels, although enclosed models have disappeared. Compasses still point north, and flags are still a bother.