Shimano TAC16II 2 Speed Lever Drag Reels

Shimano IX1000R IX Rear Drag Spin Reel with 2/270, 4/140 and 6/110 Line Capacity


The lever drag reel uses the drag to put itself into free spool.

A collaborative effort with Oregon reel designer Joe Saracione, Abel’s Sealed Drag Reel consists of “stacked multi-discs of prime grade machined aluminum and Rulon®, and a field tested proprietary gasket seal that completely locks out moisture. The aluminum drag discs are hard anodized for abrasion resistance and sparingly lubricated with waterproof grease that’s light enough to allow free motion at low drag settings, yet with enough friction protection to last throughout a lifetime of heavy drag operation,” according to Swanson.

“While its 27 year history has proven that Abel cork drag reels work and set world records, times change, technology changes, and the view on what was once considered ‘routine care’ required on a cork drag reel has also changed, explained Jeff Patterson, director of sales.

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Lethal Lever Drag Reel49/246.2/3:16380/30540/6524.9--$239.95 USD
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With a lever-drag reel, the angler can increase the amount of drag by pushing the lever up. This allows the angler the freedom to adjust the drag from bite to strike to full in more exact increments while fighting a fish. For offshore trolling and world-record seeking, most anglers prefer the lever-drag reel because you can test the drag at all settings and label the reel.

Shimano's® incredibly versatile Triton Lever Drag Reels deliver unsurpassed performance for casting, live-bait and trolling fishermen who demand precise, specialized equipment. Features incredibly strong and durable 1-piece graphite body, precision stainless steel gears and main shaft, power handle with oil-ported torpedo knob, 1-piece cold-forged aluminum spool, strike alarm click. The Triton's superlative ball bearing drag system has a titanium-impregnated fabric that runs smoother, lasts longer, dissipates heat more effectively and keeps drag tension more even than other materials.