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INSTALLATION and MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS S-24 DIRECT DRIVE ELECTRIC CABLE REELS All units are provided with right hand rotation unless otherwise specified. This means that cable is pulled off spool top left or bottom right (spool rotates clockwise to wind cable) when viewing spring end of reel.

S-24 DIRECT DRIVE ELECTRIC CABLE REEL REPLACEMENT PARTS LIST ITEM KIT NO. DESCRIPTION 012394 Frame Assembly 012407 Discs (Set of two) 012397 Main Shaft Assembly (Includes drive pin and retaining rings) 012402 Bearing Kit–2" Bore (Includes housing and gasket) 012401 Bearing Kit–1.75"...

Electric Cable Reel Alert - Health and Safety Authority

  • 2016 Good Quality Cable Reel Electric Plastic Cable Reel Cable Reel With Wheels
    US $5 - 20 / Piece
  • Danger Associated with Electrical Cable Reels

    Cavotec spring-driven electric cable reels, manufactured by Cavotec RMS in France and Cavotec Alfo in Germany, are used at ports all over the world for a wide range of applications.

    Our spring-driven electric cable reels withstand the exacting demands of the sector and meet all applicable IEC international norms and standards and comply with the latest EU requirements (CE marking).