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Gallagher G61600 Electric Fence Econo Reel



Various electric fence reels are available for selection. It is best to select an electric fence reel which is compatible with the conducting material. Small reel models are suitable for electric fence wire, while larger versions are suitable for electric fence polywire and electric fence rope. Reels for electric fence tape have a similar design, whereby tape is broader (and flatter). Generally speaking, a distinction is made between hand reels and fence reels. Electric fence reels are usually made of robust plastic and are weather-resistant, break-proof, manageable and lightweight. Reels for electric fences are suitable for small to tall fence systems and feature a mounting device. Gear ratio reels for electric fences enable the conducting material to be wound and unwound even more quickly. Accessories such as additional drums round the whole thing off.

Electric fence reels are used for winding and unwinding the conducting material (in the form of polywire, tape or rope). Particularly with long fences, problematic terrain, during mobile use when travelling, when performing repairs or extending the fence, it is appropriate to rely on electric fence reels. Reels can be used not only for winding and unwinding conductors, but also for winding and unwinding cables.

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You can enjoy many advantages when you opt for an electric fence. Don’t forget that electric fences demand a certain amount of effort and that it is important to pay attention to every detail. Fortunately, useful accessories and tools exist to make the whole thing easier. You can rely on electric fence reels to help you erect the fence quickly and easily. In addition to fence reels, practical manual reels can also be purchased for your electric fence.