10 Amp 1.0mm 4 Socket Extension Reel

Bayco SL-2000PDQ Cord Storage Reel with 4 Outlets and Resettable 15-Amp Circuit Breaker


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Electrical cord reels are simple cord holders used to store and manage long electrical cable by helping users neatly distribute additional length. Similar to , extension cord reels come with handles to help you easily wind or unwind the cord you’re using.

First, the energy lost due to the LED is calculated. It is assumed that the LED consumes 1 W (0.001 kW) of power. This LED is always on when the extension cord reel is plugged into an outlet. Also, the assumption is made that the cord reel is always plugged in so the LED will be on for the 10 year lifetime of the cord reel. The total energy, ELED, consumed by the LED is calculated below:

Yay! You're now following extension cord reel in your .

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L91BG 20m Four Socket Extension Reel Orange (1+) £10.00

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Thanks for your reply Upstate NY dude. I grew up in Upstate near Elmira NY. You are correct. I tired to retro fit an existing 110 reel but as you say the AWG 12-3 was too thick to make it work. Northern Tools have a 12-3 extension reel on sale. My plan is to buy it and cut off most of the length to just around 15 ft. I should be fine because my table saw running on 220 drops the amperage so low on each leg the 12 gauge that is on the reel from Northern should be fine. It will be handy to have it on a reel.

Designcord offers a unique range or extension cord reels that feature fixed sockets and an auto rewinding cord. This means the 4 sockets/outlets on your reel won't turn when you wind or unwind the cord. And rewinding the cord is done by just pressing a button. No more tangled cords, no more endless winding... such convenience!