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Spin casting reels are ideal for beginner fishermen because they are inexpensive and easy to use. Spinning reels are more expensive and more versatile than spin casting reels, and they can cast lures farther as well. Bait casting reels, also known as casting reels, afford the fisherman more control when casting and when fighting a fish. However, they are rather difficult to use and are susceptible to backlash, a condition in which the line becomes tangled. Fly-fishing reels are used by fly fishermen to hold the fly-fishing line and, in some cases, to fight strong fish with their drag systems, but they are not involved in the casting process.

Abu Garcia established itself as a world class watch maker - developing expertise in precision gears, that were smooth operating and long lasting. It was a natural step to develop world class operating fishing reels, spinning, spincast and bait casting reels. Whatever your fishing passion is, Abu Garcia Reels can meet your needs.

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