These Fuji DNPS Reel seats are coated with a "soft Touch" finish it...

Fuji Plate Reel Seat Bright Finish , Has Plastic under the hoods .

Fuji DPSM Standard Graphite Spinning Reel Seat Frosted Silver Hood-DPSM16 0.610" (15.5 mm) 0.709" (18.0mm) 4.134" (105mm)


Fuji Reel Seats For Custom Rod Building

Fuji Skeleton reel seats result in a lighter weight and improved feeling through the blank of any rod. Available in both spin and bait-cast variations they create the ultimate lightweight lure casting rod and reel seat.

The pic i posted above was a Lami Here are two more pics of fuji seats (both rods have Butts on left, different side threading) Top pic my Loomis, Bottom Fuji H 24 on a St Croix. The St Croix fuji reel seat is different sizes! the side where you tighten it (butt) is twice as thick as the other side (rod tip). Thats why Avet made your foot thicker on one side. The stock avet foot fits this fuji seat ( foot must be reversed on reel)

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  • Fuji ECS reel seat with frosted silver hood on most models. Fuji PSS-SD palming reel seat with frosted silver hood on LGC711HM.
  • Fuji Reel Seats | Shoff Tackle Co.

    The Avet I bought won't fit the Fuji reel seat on my side of the reel foot is slim/thin and fits the other side is three times the thinkness and will not fit the seat what so ever..........what am I missing here?

    Fuji VSS Reel seat Versatile reel seat idea for Spinning handles or Match rod handlesVSS is avaliable in 16 & 17 mm with Black hoods or Bright Hoods The ID of the VSS 16 is 13mm , The ID of the VSS17 is 16mmwe have two options with a short Cork fore grip or Duplon EVA fore grip. Or long Duplon rear gripThe Short CORK & Duplon for size 17 is 111mm long 25 mm out side diameter , 6 mm boreThe Short CORK & Duplon for size 16 is 99mm long 23 mm OD x 6mm boreThe Long Duplon Rear Grip 16 (only) is 240 mm long 23 mm OD x10 mm bore