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Galvan Torque Large Arbor Fly Reel - T6 - Clear


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The Torque series Galvan Reel features a de-tented drag knob to allow for precise drag settings. This Galvan fly reel has a large handle that makes it easy to find and grip when playing fish.

Galvan Open Back reels incorporate all of the outstanding features of the standard Galvan reel. Available in the OB-1 (Open Back 1), OB-2, OB-3, OB-4, OB-5. This reel series has an incredibly smooth action and drag not seen on most fly reels. The extra machining on the frame and spool reduces weight and enables you to look through the middle of the reel. The Open Back's spool and frame are fully machined out of 6061 bar stock aluminum. It has a quick-release spool that requires no tools to remove it from the frame and is counter-balanced for a smooth wobble-free rotation.

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At Galvan, our fly reels aren't just the result of 20 years of dedicated design and innovation, they're part of an ongoing tradition. A tradition of family-run, American-made, and time-honored craftsmanship that's built into every reel we make. The industry has changed a lot in our time, but it's what hasn't changed that makes us who we are.

Founded by Bonifacio Galvan on the belief that superior quality and value should coincide, the first Galvan reels made USA were made to last a lifetime. Two decades and countless reels later, that vision remains unchanged. Today, all Galvan fly reels are designed, manufactured, and assembled here in the USA. And it's all done by the Galvan Family.

It's this pride in the manufacturing process and passion for the sport that have earned us a reputation for excellence. Every Galvan fly reel is a testament to innovation and uncompromising craftsmanship, pairing the latest materials with a lasting commitment to quality. In an industry where technology often overshadows tradition, we believe you need a bit of both to succeed.

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With the large arbor design of these Torque fly fishing reels, these Galvan fly reels are able to pick up line extremely fast. Anglers know how important that can be when your fighting large fish that can cover a lot of water quickly.

The Drag system is made from stainless steel and Ertalyte (a state-of-the-art, heat and wear-resistant thermoplastic unlike anything else used in the reel market.) The Ertalyte disc is used as a brake mechanism. It is sandwiched between a finished stainless steel surface and creates a super smooth drag pressure with consistant start up pressure. The spool is riding on a post with two stainless ball-bearings and gives this fly reel a smoothness unseen on other reels. The spool has two pins that securely attach it to the super smooth drag system. Galvan reels have a silent (clutch) that will spin freely on retreive and will smoothly engage the unique drag system when reversed.