Static Discharge Grounding Reels G3050N

Coxreels SD-50 Spring Rewind Static Discharge Cable Reel: 50' cable


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Static grounding reels provide for the payout, retraction and compact storage of 50 and 100 feet of static grounding cable, use in any flammable atmosphere when a build-up of static electricity could cause a spark and subsequent explosion, they operate manually by hand or with a spring re-wind mechanism requiring minimal cable pull to release the lock. A declutching arbor on the spring models automatically disengages the spring to prevent damage from reversing winding.
Series UGR can be supplied with or without 3/32" diameter galvanized carbon steel aircraft cable X3/16" OD, clear PVC cover

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Our line of static bonding and grounding reels are used extensively with aircraft refueling, and the loading/unloading of tank cars, storage tanks, trucks, grain silos, and chemical/fuel refineries.

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