If you are reeling with your left hand it's a left handed reel, imo.

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Great States 204-14 14" Deluxe Hand Reel ..

Five Hand Reel was a Scottish/English/Irish band of the late 1970s that combined experiences of traditional Scottish and Irish folk music with electric rock arrangements. Members: (b. 1948), Bobby Eaglesham (1942–2004), Tom Hickland, Barry Lyons (b. 1950), Dave Tulloch and later Sam Bracken.

Five Hand Reel signed with Rubber Records in 1976 and recorded their first album, , at Impulse Studios in . It was voted as "Folk Album of the Year" for 1976 by .

Which Hand is the "Right" Hand for Reeling? - Orvis News

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Which Hand is the “Right” Hand for Reeling

Much of Five Hand Reel's live work was on club, college, and Folk festivals of England and Northern Europe. They were very popular in Scandinavia and recorded an album of traditional Danish songs "Ebbe, Dagmar, Svend og Alan" with Danish folk singer and radio presenter Alan Klitgaard. In England they were rather unpopular, though appreciated in the Punk clubs as a live act.

These geared hand reels are not intended for use as a winch. They are manufactured to a high standard but will not withstand the pressure of a long line under tension.