• Gleason Series H Heavy Duty Hose Reels

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Alemite Heavy Duty Reels set the industry standard for reliable, rugged performance in tough work environments. Engineered for optimum performance and safety, Alemite Heavy Duty Reels are appropriate for a wide range of demanding applications.

This Heavy Duty Reel is our most durable long lasting reel. It is perfect for any work where durability matters most. If you have any questions about this Heavy Duty Reel please feel free to contact us

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    Heavy Duty Badge Reels are different than Standard Retractable Reels because they have a stronger retraction force. They are capable of reeling anything from 6oz to 15oz. At the minimum our Heavy Duty Reels can hold 5 keys and at the maximum 25 keys. They're ideal for carrying multiple slot punched photo ID cards, keys, and small tools.

    These Stainless Steel heavy duty hose reels are available in hand crank and spring driven versions. They are constructed of high quality electro-polished stainless steel, and offers clean, non-corrosive performance in applications that require it, such as food and chemical processing, marinas, and anywhere rust, corrosion and contamination thrive.