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Through many discussions with our clients' engineers and machine operators, the engineering design staff of EDGE Wallboard Machinery Company has developed a horizontal track reel to meet the ever increasing demands of today's paper makers. It is designed for flexibility with many advanced features built in. Heavy duty construction and our exclusive disappearing primary arm clamp will give you many years of reliable and efficient service. This, coupled with our competitive pricing makes the EDGE Horizontal Track Reel the best value in the industry.

There are two sets of arms on our Horizontal Reel design; the primary arms and the secondary arms. The empty reel spool is placed into the primary arms and latched into place with pneumatic cylinders and bar latches. The primary arms are driven into a position where the reel spool comes into contact with the reel drum. The paper is fed through the spool / reel drum contact nip and wrapped around the reel spool with an air gun or string method. The primary arms are then driven to a horizontal position where the spool of paper is transferred to the secondary arms. Within the main reel frames are pneumatic cylinders that load the building reel of paper into the reel drum. While this reel of paper is building, an empty reel spool is placed into the primary arms ready for the next transfer. When the reel of paper has reached it’s finished size in diameter the next reel spool in the primary arms is positioned into contact with the reel drum, the sheet is broken and transferred onto the fresh reel spool. The full reel spool is removed from the secondary arms and rails and placed into an unwind station. Simultaneously, the secondary arms are positioned to receive the next reel spool from the primary arms.

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    Each Horizontal Reel is engineered to meet with the customer’s needs. At the time of order placement, a representative from our company would visit the mill site to confirm specifications, space constraints, and to meet with mill personnel to discuss operations.

    The Riffe Horizontal Reel has a low profile design made of composite materials (Nylon-Fiberglass) including heat treated aluminum parts with a hard anodized surface. Feature a clutch type drag with 4 positions activated by a lever on the side of the reel.