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I wrote this review about my McLane 20-Inch 4.0 HP Honda Gas Powered Self-Propelled 7-Blade Front-Throw Reel Mower with Grass Catcher 20-4G-10. I bought this McLane Sometimes you just need the power of a gas-powered engine along with the advantages of a reel mower. The McLane Gas Powered Reel Mower is a beautiful combination of both. Get McLane 20 in. Cut Path Reel Mower (03965) in-stock right now at your local Sears or Home the time and effort to have your grass looking like a best lawn mower

Ariens Company offers the Locke® CL-125 and CL-130 landscape power reel mowers. The CL-125 has a 25-inch cutting width and the CL-130 has a 30-inch cutting width. Both models have full floating double roller mowing heads, and a six-inch diameter, eight blade Locke Reel. Engine options include the Honda® 5.5 HP GX160 or the Kohler® Command Pro 6 with variable speeds up to three MPH.

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Morristown, TN
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This mower is a total waste of money! I was able to cut or scalp my lawn for a while, but it would not start again- even after it was recharged.

I had to go back to my 30 year-old gas mower that is more reliable. If this is some kind of joke, it isn't very funny.

This mower is a piece of junk.
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**Effective until further notice** All Tru-Cut gas-powered Reel Mowers purchased from us are being shipped with FREE Grass Catchers - a $199 value!

While considered antiquated in modern times[], the original type of push-powered reel mowers are still available. The reel is attached to the mower's wheels by gears, so that when the mower is pushed forward, the reel spins several times faster than the rubber-tired wheels turn. These types of reel mowers offer the benefit of zero pollution being produced. Since all of the energy necessary comes from the user however, this method of mowing is the most strenuous and is not recommended for large lawns. Depending on the placement of the reel, these mowers often cannot cut grass very close to lawn obstacles, like trees, driveways, edging, etc., and also require a very smooth lawn surface to operate properly without bottoming out the cutter bar.