Plumbers Sewer Jetter Mini Hose Reel Set

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Hannay Reels Hand Carry Jetter Hose Reel - Dultmeier Sales

Reelcraft’s custom built jetter hose reel can accommodate up to 1000’ of 1” I.D. hose and can be built to your specifications. Pressures range from 3000 to 10,000 PSI and temperatures range 22°F to 225°F. These custom designed reels feature a direct drive option that eliminates the need for chain/sprocket. The frame is constructed of industrial grade tubular steel and the spool features a welded wrapper and 3/16" spun heads. The optional heavy duty cast guide assembly aides in guiding hose back onto spool evenly. Assembly arm can be positioned out of the way and locked when reel is not in use.

Reelcraft’s custom built level rewind jetter hose reel can accommodate up to 1640' of 3/8" I.D. hose and 2000 lbs of pulling force. The hose reel comes equipped with a large hydraulic brake motor and a stainless steel fluid path and swivel. This jetter hose reel handles pressures up to 5000 PSI, features a direct drive option and a level rewind that aids in proper storage and maintenance of the hose. for other available options.

Hannay Reels Portable Jetter Hose Reel - Dultmeier Sales

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    Drain Jetter Hose On Reel

    When attached to our pressure washers can be used for clearing drains up to 30metres in length and 100mm in Dia

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  • fuel tank capacity 3 9 quart jetter hose reel type removable manual

    Jetter hose reels are utilized in the storage and functionality of jetter hoses. These hoses are used in sewer cleaning as well as downhole and other industrial applications, as they are the ideal solution for cleaning out internal build up in pipes. Generally, these hoses are built to be flexible enough to snake in and out of sewer lines but also durable enough to withstand winching forces.

    We have the experience, knowledge and reputation you can count on to deliver a high quality product that will meet and exceed your expectations. From our jetter hose reels to any of our other products we custom manufacture to your specifications.