XL 605 DM variable speed KITE REEL

Hengda Kite Professional Outdoor Kite Line Winder Winding Reel Grip Wheel with flying Line String Flying Tools With Lock-Blue


Grip Wheel Kite Reel Kite Ballbearing Handle with Line

Reel 4 A solid circular plate has 2 shapes punched out of it, forming a hand-grip. a drum with solid walls is mounted on the hand-grip and is free to rotate around it. A very clean and compact kite reel actually! Perhaps not practical for the very biggest kites though.

Reel 10 And finally, the most amazing, impressive piece of stainless steel kiting over-kill you might ever see... There it is below, complete with what looks like a like the ones on your car! When these kite reels were initially offered, they were asking for $600 each.

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KMS - Kite Reel, Version 2
The Next Generation
by Karsten M. Schneymann, Germany
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Kite reel 16 cm with 180m (~600 ft) Polyester string - Blue

Oh, by the way, Chinese manufacturers seem reluctant to actually give to their kite reels! A catalog or serial number is about it, it seems. So I'll just list these as Reel 1, Reel 2 and so on. The one, which does have a photo, is a real eye-popper!

Another cadillac class kite fishing reel that is popular among the Miami fleet. These reels are built with legendary durability and a tough as it gets drag system to boot. Their retro look makes them appealing to anglers who crave a composite of style and functionality. With a slightly smaller line capacity than the Saltiga or Avet, the Fin Nor can land you in some trouble if you’re chasing tunas or pacific sailfish, but for general use in Miami waters these are some of the finest kite reels you can buy. They are extremely corrosion resistant – more so than just about any other reel on the market. While it’s a bit tough to find them in tackle shops, they are readily available from online retailers and often matched with custom rods.