Is there anyone else that sells left handed line counter reels?

Okuma Cold Water Linecounter Trolling Reel CW-203DLX


Daiwa Accudepth Icv 15 Left Hand Line Counter Reel New 6.31

I'm looking for a left handed line counter reel. The only one I have been able to find is a Cabela's Depthmaster Gold. It comes in two sizes. The one I'm looking at purchasing is model DMG20L. Does anyone own one of these reels?

T Thanks for posting this toe! I am also a goofy left hand reel person who has had problems finding a quality left hand line counter reel. Why dont more companies take us into consideration? Also thanks to the replies may have to try the okuma but have not had much luck with thier quality!

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Re: Left hand line counter salmon reel

I bought a Daiwa accudepth ICV 15L that is left handed. It holds 230 yards 0f braid and is a line counter. I got it at the sportsman show on sale from Fisherman's for $140. I talk to the Daiwa rep's and they said they checked out some reels after using on chinook last year. Didn't show any wear. I have a Daiwa luna 300L and a zillion but aren't line counters but great reels.

Left Hand Line Counter Reel | eBay

Actually Daiwa did/is coming out with a left handed line counter reel. It is the SGA27LCA Left Handed. It is not even on the Daiwa website. I found a place in New York that carries them. That is the only place I have seen them. The guy says Daiwa just came out with them. They retail for $89.99. If anyone wants the contact info PM me.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a left hand line counter reel? I have been looking for months and can only find right hand ones. Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated.