What is a left handed fishing reel?

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Having been sneered at for years by folks who think my left hand wind reels are a sure sign that my fly fishing bona fides are suspect and that I’m no better than a converted spin fisher, this piece amuses the hell out me……..

Right vs. left hand reel was a bit of a dilemma for me when I first learned to fly fish. My spinning reels were all left-hand wind, and my casting reels were all right hand wind. As I am right-handed, I can reel faster and longer in small circles using my right hand. Lefty Kreh, famous salt water fly-fisher, said to use your dominant hand because of this. You'll tire faster otherwise. When fighting large fish using a fly-reel or a casting reel, your dominant hand will be more coordinated and have more stamina. Note that left-hand spinning reels are fine (and preferable to me) because they have a very large turning radius handle and so do not present a problem. But anyway, as stated, it all comes down to personal preference...

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  • Emily says:

    im right handed, but i use my left hand to do a lot of things. im pretty much ambidextrious. im going to use a right handed baitcaster to do my crankin, and such, but ill use a left handed reel to flip and pitch with jigs and other plastics. its very convenient that way.

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    Use the drop down menu to see which models are left handed. We can't forget about those left handed fishermen out there. Its good to see that most fishing reel manufacturers are beginning to produce much more variety for left handed fishermen. Left handed fishing reel's are becoming more common and it should be that way. Most if not all spinning reels have reversible handles to accomodate left handed anglers so we didnt include them in this list.

    The confusing part for me is that a lot of left handed things are a little counter intuitive. A left handed baseball glove is actually worn on the right hand for one. I always assumed it was similar with my fishing reel with the reel on the right side actually being "left handed". Because of that, the basic question here is, "What side of the reel is the handle on a left handed reel?" If anyone could clear up the terminology, it would be appreciated.