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The reel is composed of an aluminum body and has a very thin profile. It weighs 8.45 oz and holds 125 yards of 4 lb test line. It comes with a 5.33:1 retrieve rate, a magnetic clutch and 8 bearings inside of the reel. The testers felt that this ultralight fishing reel was smooth, easy to use and that it felt great in their hands. The downsides as reported by the testers included a plastic drag knob and the potential for a slow drag, although all of the testers would recommend it to other anglers. Quantum also offers a repair guarantee that states you will get your reel back from the shop within 48 hours of sending it in. Some would say this reel is expensive. It runs for about $129.

This ultralight fishing reel was named for one of the company’s most popular shotguns. It is composed of strong aluminum in its rotor and frame and it features a lip that is coated in titanium to help manage the line. The testers all reported that this reel offered smooth casting and that the 5.1:1 gear ratio provided for nice retrieves. This reel features 8 bearings and can hold 120 yards of 4 lb test line. It comes with a soft rubber handle that is large in size. For $99 RRP it is a cheaper alternative to some of the top brands.

Daiwa D-spin Ultralight Spinning Fishing Reel 1000

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    This is a much less expensive version of an ultralight fishing reel. It weighs only 6.2 oz but still has a gear ratio of 5.2:1 and 8 bearings. It can hold 105 yards of 4 lb test line. This lightweight design comes from the graphite frame, but the handle is made of aluminum for added strength. This is an extremely cost effective reel at $38. Several testers complained that the reel was difficult to prevent tangles with and that the bail was harder to flip than it should be.