Anyone have any experience with them ?
Just bought one at a yard sale for $40
It says MC 500 and is shiny black without a scratch on it.
Very solid feel from every angle
I spooled it up with Big Game 30lb and twisted it on one of my PA
rods,backed off all the safety nannies,tightened the drag and such.
Dug up a 4oz weight and made a short pitch out to 60-70'
Very smooth retrieve(Boca ceramic bearings)
Stepped it up with another wing and GOOD GAAWD!! this thing cast like a missile launcher,line spun off like butter.
I dont think it would take much more to flat dump the spool
rigged with big bait and weight.
Went hunting for more info and only found a little that "sounded" like real time user feedback. Found they sell for abit over $100 at acouple places etc
I think I easily got my $40 worth,even if the reel was in a burlap bag

Untested so to speak it may just give my upgraded 6500's a solid run for the money