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During this same time, a fishing tackle company called La Canne à Pêche located in Angers, France started developing a reel they named after their own company called the C.A.P. They contracted Carpano & Pons for further development. Maurice had helped Mr. Pons with this reel but at the same time worked on another reel.

Maurice, now chief engineer, believed he could produce a reel that was not just a simple container to hold fishing line, but a precision tool that would cast at a greater distance with precision and be able to recover the fishing line without tangling. After years of research and development, the Mitchell moulinet spinning reel was born, a marked departure from the reels of its day in mechanics and appearance.

Generations of anglers recognize Mitchell Spinning Reels as strong, durable, and smooth reeling. In 1948, Mitchell invented the world’s first spinning reel. The rest is history: These spinning reels use the latest tech and components to let you experience the joy of fishing to its fullest. Generations of anglers have been using this popular reel – adults and kids alike.

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In 1948, we invented the modern spinning reel