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MORryde REEL56-001H Easy Reel Cord Spooler - Tall


MORryde EasyReel RV Power Cord Storage

MorRyde easy reel spooler is an excellent funtional addition to RVing where a power cord is used often. Small storage of a long and heavy 50' 50amp electrical cord. Well built with ball bearing rollers making it very easy to crank on either side of the container. Kudos to MorRyde for filling the empty space of a needed product with a well built and cost effective product.

Take a look at this manufacturer video from MORryde demonstrating how easy the Easy Reel is to use and then stop on by on the MORryde Easy Reel.

Mor/Ryde REEL56-001 Easy Reel 30/50 Amp RV Cord Reel

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