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Nautilus reels have won countless awards and gained an almost cult-like following. These achievements can be credited to Nautilus’s obsession with improving the functionality, strength, and weight of reel parts.

Nautilus Reels are proudly made in the USA however Nautilus’s roots can be traced all the way back to 1832 Norway where Ole Mustad founded the metal mechanics company O. Mustad & Søn. Today the 7th generation Mustads bring their 6x grandfather’s passion for fishing, innovation, and small metal parts to the Nautilus factory in Miami.

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The Mustad family has a history of impassioned dedication to the development of revolutionary technologies for the production of small metal parts and the redesigning of existing products and processes to make them more efficient and effective. A walk through the Nautilus Reels factory reveals that this history is in full effect now, as Nautilus obsessively labors to improve reel parts for increased function, strength, and weight.

We recently had the chance to swing by in Miami, Florida. Kristen Mustad, Owner of Nautilus Reels, showed us around and is an excellent host. We got a backstage pass so to speak and saw every step of the manufacturing process. They manufacturer almost every part of the reel at their shop in Miami. In fact, they even machine spare and replacement parts for their equipment. But the most impressive part was the iterative nature of the R&D process.