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Okuma Convector Star Drag Line Counter Reel (25/310)


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Revolutionising the fishing tackle industry, the Okuma Convector Levelwind Reel offers a powerful gearing and drag system redesigned to take fishing to a new level. This reel features quick-set anti-reverse, utilising a special oversized one way roller bearing to guarantee immediate hook sets and eliminate all handle play. It also features Okuma's proprietary "Carbonite" drag material that balances smoothness and high-end drag pressure. This new drag have the softness to set the hook in the soft mouth of a Trout and the drag pressure to crank a running Tuna.

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Okuma Convector Linecounter Reel : Cabela's

The first step in getting started with live bait/Sucker fishing is to have the right set up. For sucker fishing I prefer an 8-foot heavy fiberglass rod - one that has a lot of backbone for strong hook sets. One of the reasons we like to use glass rods is because in extreme temperatures a graphite rod can shatter and risk injuring anyone around. Also helpful is a good line counter reel for running the bait at accurate depths. I really like the Okuma Convector reels for this. As far as line goes, a good 80-100 pound test super braid like Hi Seas Grand Slam Braid. The super braids are good so you don’t have the stretch factor when setting the hooks. The next key ingredient is a good quick strike rig. I highly recommend using only Quick Strike Rigs over the old single hook method because studies have proven that even though fish caught on a single hook have been successfully released, there is a delayed mortality factor involved. The last thing we want to see happen with a released trophy fish is that it ends up dying on the bottom of a lake somewhere. There are a lot of quick strike rigs available on the market, and which one to use depends on personal preferences for rigging. We have created our own Quick Strike Rig called the Hulcano Harness by Stealth Tackle, which was designed by myself and Musky Guide Mike Hulbert. We have a very high success rate with our harness. This rig was developed with not only fish safety in mind but the fisherman as well. We use a one treble hook rig with a small lip hook so that it is simple to rig. It is ready to go within seconds - not minutes - without having to tie anything or use a rubber band and rigging needle. This rig is made with only one treble hook because in most cases only one hook gets into a fish on a hook set. Any extra hooks are left swinging free and sometimes hook into the fish’s gills, or worse yet, in your hand while trying to unhook the fish. The Herbie Rigs, and Maina Rigs are also very effective and easy to use as well and offer a little different presentation and rigging. Take a look at what is out there and pick the one that best suits your needs.