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Shimano Spin Reel Clam (4.1:1 8.6-Ounce 8/120)


Daiwa Regal Z 2505T Open Face Fishing Reel 4 Ball Bearings | eBay

Call me dumb but someone gave me an open face fishing reel for christmas, and im not sure how to use the dang thing. I usually jist fish with spincadt. You turn the rod the bar spins, but how do You reel it in, or connect the line? It came with line on there, and i can unwind it by hand, but with...

Of course with this kind of price, somewhere Penn had to do concessions. First downside would be that these reels are bit too heavy compared to other similar open face fishing reels like . The weight difference is maybe 1-2 oz , but it adds to fatigue when there has been a long day of casting.

CS 2500 Aluminum Spool Open Face Spinning Fishing Reel 8 1 BBs | eBay

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    This is a Pflueger President 6935 open face spinning fishing reel. The 10 ball bearing system makes it one of the smoothest reeling fishing reels with some of the best action on the market. NWD/open b...
  • Aluminum Open Face Spinning Fishing Reel – National Parks Depot

    For more advanced fisherman the open faced reels are a better choice. They offer greater flexibility and durability but are also more difficult to use. If you’re gift giving to an experienced fisherman, it’s almost guaranteed they’ll want an open faced fishing reel. For avid fisherman, consider the reel size, weight, material and spool.