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Orvis Battenkill Fly Reels, Ii (3-5 Wt)


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Orvis Battenkill reel has reel guide that gets grooves in it quickly and rips up fly line. I've replace three guides already. Seems ridiculous. Otherwise, fine

I own too Orvis Battenkill Reels - a 5/6 disc and an 8/9 disc.

The 5/6 was my first "real" reel. It's performed well - but I don't think I really needed a disc drag in a reel this small (I've even landed small pike with it). The only problems I've had with this reel is it doesn't take being dropped very well becasue of the nature of the spool. You can bend it back reasonably flat and it works nicely however. A decent reel - but in this size their are better bargains to be had.

The 8/9 was purchased to go with a new 8 wt. rod. On sale this reel is one of the better flyfishing bargains around(and there aren't many) For it's size, and under $100 price, it's definitely worth it. More rugged than the smaller reels, and I feel better made it's certainly a deal.

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    The Orvis Battenkill Disc reel was a very popular mid-priced reel from the early 1990's through the late 2000's. We have a small number of the 8/9 and 10/11 models. These reels have reliable offset disc drag which is sufficient for most freshwater and light saltwater purposes. They are very easy to convert from right hand to left hand wind; just slide the main gear and bearing off the spindle, flip over, and slide back on. Originally marketed as freshwater and light saltwater reels they were listed as freshwater reels late during their production. With care they will hold up to the saltwater environment. We have a couple of 8/9 models that have been used in the saltwater about 30 days a year since 1996 and though the finishes are scuffed up the reels are as mechanically sound as when they were new. We have caught many bonito, striped bass, San Diego Bay bonefish, halibut, carp, and other species with them. These classic style standard arbor reels are smaller in diameter than contemporary large arbor reels but they have a generous backing capacity. Today we use the 8/9 models on 5, 6, 7, and 8wt rods for light saltwater fishing in the bays and surfzone and for local bass and carp fishing. The 10/11 model is probably best suited for use on light switch rods in either fresh or saltwater. All reels are offered as a combo with an extra spool. The reels come with a case similar to the one pictured but the spools do not have a case. Most of these reels do not come with the original box since they were originally part of Orvis rod/reel combos. Either the original Orvis reel manual or a photocopy will be included. All of the 10/11 models and most of the 8/9 models are made in England.

    Orvis Battenkill Series Reels and Spools- The simplistic design and flawless construction make this the perfect click-and-pawl fly reel for nearly any freshwater fishing situation. These reels are very popular for anglers targeting trout and panfish. A minimalist's dream, the all-new Battenkill features a classically styled, yet technically enhanced, four-position click-and-pawl drag system that is adjusted internally and is designed to work in tandem with the palm of your hand on those sizzling, screaming runs. Constructed with a narrow spool for less line stacking on retrieve and a larger spool diameter for higher line retrieval rates. The ultra-lightweight fly reel design balances perfectly on shorter rods. Machined from heavy-duty bar-stock aluminium for added durability. Easily adjustable left or right-hand retrieve. Highlighted by laser-engraved logos. In black nickel. Imported.