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Things I like about the Penn 310 GTi Fishing Reels: The 310 GTi while not a bruiser of an offshore reel is great for an all-around reel. The smoothness of the spool when it is in free-spool mode made long heaving casts easy. The drag tension sets solid and the loud clicker will definitely get everyones attention when you get a strike. Although the 310 GTi is designed for 15 lb. test line. I loaded it with 30 lb. Trilene and had plenty on the spool for trolling. The reel didnt seem to mind the heavier line. Using a 6 ounce crocodile spoon I was making casts to 80 yards or better ! The reel fed line so smoothly that backlash was not a problem. When reeling in, again a very smooth action. The drag lock and free spool switches made for quick change between casting and reeling. The 3.4-1 gear ratio provided good action on the spoon lure even at a slow pace. Although on long heaving casts it did get tiresome reeling in. This little reel is destined to be a favorite of anglers whether Trolling offshore, bottom fishing, Heaving for red Drum, or casting lures. The Penn 310 GTi is a workhorse of a reel at an affordable price.

My neighbor just gave me a penn 310 gti levelwind reel. What should I use this reel for? I put 50 pound braid on it for shark and tarpon on the beach and bottom fishing for grouper offshore. Has anyone used one? If so, could you tell me what you used it for? How well it performed? Thanks!

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