Tony LaPron Director Of Photography Reel 2015 - YouTube

Kalt Stainless Steel Reel -NP10110 (35mm)


Jonathan Schwarz's Director of Photography Reel

Aerial photography has come a long way in the last few years. New radio controlled aircraft technology coupled with lighter, higher resolution cams, equals some really amazing aerial photography work. In the following aerial photography demo reels you’ll see a variety of production styles and equipment, from DSLR outfitted RC helicopters to breathtaking video images shot with Cineflex aerial and RED cams. See the world from an elevated perspective in this aerial photography roundup!

Director of Photography reel for 2015. Please contact me to see how I can capture great images for your project. I own a variety of cameras, lenses to cover everything from 8mm to 800mm, and a 60kw lighting setup - I'm sure I have the tools needed to capture your project.

FX School Photography Reel 2015

David Kruta - Director of Photography Reel 2013

The official Fusion Kitty Studios photography portfolio reel. This reel showcases some of the most recent photo shoots and most interesting photographs that was shot by me. If you like what you see please contact me via the info at the end of the video or email me at: