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Bert's Custom Tackle Single Reel Planer Board Mast System, 6-Feet


planner boards and reels for fishing troll and similar items

Our electric planer board reels and manual reels are very similar in design. They are centered around a 7/16” stainless steel driveshaft and include a 6” solid aluminum reel, variable clutch, aluminum clutch knob, high torque electric motor (modified output shaft), universal mounting bracket and line guide (both easily adjustable in 12 different positions for ultimate versatility), and vee clamps capable of mounting from 7/8” to 1-½” diameter rail .

If you are looking to pull 3 to 6 lines per side. Then a mast with big boards works better. If you have a t-top, you can just mount planer board reels to the rails of it.

"old school" planer board reels ( an ebay product )

"old school" planer board reels (on rough waters)

I have a Trophy 2052 WA. I purchased a pair of Old School planer board reels off eBay that I believe cost me +/- $80. I mounted them to my rails and use otter boats. The only thing I did was drill a hole and move the handle closer to the center. For two years I think they've worked perfect. Here's a video you can check out. Any questions feel free to shoot me an email.

The other advantage of using smaller line counter reels for diver fishing is these same reels can double up as planer board trolling reels. A growing number of anglers are using super braid line for both diver fishing and also planer board trolling applications, giving great value to mid-sized line counter reels.