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Bayco SL-800 Professional Retractable Reel with 30-Foot Triple Tap


Retractable Power Cord Reel - PPL Motor Homes

Series 30,000 Power Cord Reels handle up to 200 ft. of 10/3 or 12/3 cable. Choose from bevel or hand crank, as well as electric, motor-driven rewind. Feature heavy-gauge steel construction, powder-coated finish, and vibration-proof, self-locking fasteners. Ideal for low- and medium-pressure applications requiring long cords. Cord care increases life cycle.

All that said, I realise I have probably described a power cord reel that will sell in the $100 to $200 range, but for a contractor, or someone who is just tired of dealing with inadequate Mickey Mouse power cords, and reels, It might be worth it.

Power Cord Reels - Global Industrial

CCI-04820-89-02 12 AWG, 3 Receptacles w/ Power Indicator Light, Retractable, Power Cord Reel 50 ft 19.7 lbs

RoboReel | Power Cord Reel Safety Features

Power Cord Reels Wind Up And Store Cords In A Variety Of Commercial And Industrial Applications.

Power Cord Reels allow easy and safe storage of power cords in a range of lengths and thicknesses. Cord lengths range from 30' up to 250'. Hand Crank cord reels are made with an A-frame, and feature a solid steel hand crank with a smooth round handle. Adjustable tension brake and long-handled locking pin ensure safe usage. Spring Driven cord reels feature cartridge-style spring motor, and are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and body styles. Motorized drive cord reels include models with Hydraulic Motor, DC Motor and Compressed Air Motor operation.

Power Cord Reels are built with strong steel or non-metallic composite housing for long lasting durability. Cord reels feature automatic wind with positive latching mechanism to allow user to deploy cord and hold in place at desired length. Cord retracts automatically with another pull. Heavy Duty Weatherproof Reels and Industrial Duty Reels available to provide efficient performance in commercial and industrial work environments. Available cable types are SJOW, SOW, SJTW, SJTOW, SJEOOW, SVT and SJT. Cord reels available with Bare Ends, Quad Box, Triple Outlet, and Single Outlet end features to meet specific job requirements.