Quantum Kineti PTi Spinning Reel

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Cast your line for this Quantum Kinetic Spinning Reel, PRICED LESS

Zaremba likes to use 6-pound line because it helps get the lures down deeper. A smooth drag is essential -- Zaremba uses Quantum Kinetic pTi spinning reels -- to prevent peacocks from breaking the light line. And he checks the lure and line for wear after catching each fish.

His basic setup includes his boat, a trolling motor, 12 rods (Sam's Super Sensitive B&M crappie poles in three different lengths), a dozen rod-holders, Quantum Kinetic spinning reels, some tough 6-pound Izorline, an assortment of multi-colored 1/16th- and 1/32nd-ounce crappie jigs and several dozen minnows.

Quantum Kinetic PTi Spinning Reel $99.95

  • Quantum Kinetic Spinning Reel

Quantum Kinetic PT Spinning Reel

Product DescriptionHooked on a winner! Cast your line for this Quantum Kinetic Spinning Reel, PRICED LESS! We caught a whopper! The expert craftsmen at Quantum know just the right blend of light weight, strength and smooth feeding to make any fisherman take notice. Each Kinetic is a precise work of line-casting art... and there's a model here for every rod! Get yours here for LESS! Reel this in: Thin Line aluminum body reduces weight up to 15%; 6 hybrid polymer-stainless PT bearings; Durable multi-coat finish; LMS line management system; MAGLOK continuous anti-reverse; TiMag titanium bail with magnetic trip; Stacked ceramic front-adjustable drag; Machined-aluminum collapsible crank handle; Includes spare aluminum spool. State Size. Order Today! 550: 5.3:1 gear ratio; 4-lb. / 100-yd. line capacity; 20" line recovery; 5.9 ozs. 010: 5.3:1 gear ratio; 4-lb. / 125-yd. line capacity; 22" line recovery; 8.3 ozs. 020: 5.2:1 gear ratio; 6-lb. / 140-yd. line capacity; 24" line recovery; 10.4 ozs. 030: 5.2:1 gear ratio; 8-lb. / 160-yd. line capacity; 27" line recovery; 10.7 ozs. 040: 5.2:1 gear ratio; 10-lb. / 230-yd. line capacity; 29" line recovery; 12.4 ozs. Quantum Kinetic Spinning Reel

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