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I have used Quantum PT reels for years mainly for cranking. Crankbaits, hard and soft swimbaits, jig/blade baits, big spinner baits, etc. Started using Revos for everything else a couple years ago when they first came out. I use the Revo S with braid for fishing jigs, buzz frogs, floating frogs, tubes and much more. The Revo SX HS is fast becoming my favorite for worm and creature fishing with fluoro line. The Revo's fit my hand and are comfortable for flipping and pitching.

Tried cranking with the Revo's and while they do a nice job, I prefer the bigger, wider spool of the Quantum PT. In addition, found the magnetic brakes in the PT's work better then the Revo's. This to me was another big plus when casting crankbaits and soft swimbaits into the wind.

The low profile Quantum EXO PT Baitcast Reel features an exoskeletal hybrid construction that combines a special, ultra-rigid aluminum alloy in load bearing areas with a lightweight composite to reduce weight in non-critical locations by half. Quantum EXO PT Baitcast Reels are 38% stronger than magnesium and six times stronger than a graphite composite frame. Customized bearings are fitted in a special polymer cage for added sensitivity and corrosion protection. PT drag systems feature ceramic washers to dissipate heat in long runs. Single-piece aluminum frames are machined with computer precision to hold all critical components in perfect alignment. Polymer-stainless hybrid PT bearings are made to exact specs to minimize vibration and friction.

New Quantum Catalyst PT Casting Reels with KVD ICAST 2012

  • Available with Quantum's 7.0:1 ''Burner'' gears or powerful 6.3:1 and 5.1:1 retrieve rates.
  • Energy PT reel’s Micro ACSII externally adjustable cast control employs 9 individual brakes that can be fine-tuned to to match every fishing condition.
  • Rigid yet lightweight aluminum frame and side covers. Quantum PT reels begin with single-piece aluminum frames, each machined with computer-guided precision, to hold all critical components in perfect alignment. Quantum uses special high-strength grades of aluminum to yield lightweight reels that will not flex even during heavy cranking.
  • 9 Stainless steel / polymer hybrid PT bearings for the ultimate in smoothness and sensitivity. Quantum designs their own high-grade stainless bearings to exact specs to minimize vibration and friction. Then Quantum fits them in a special polymer cage for added sensitivity and corrosion protection.
  • Ultra-smooth, ultra-durable ceramic / composite multi-stack drag system dissipates heat build-up on long fish fights.
  • Energy PT reels feature components, including the lightweight skeletal spool, finished with a vacuum deposition titanium coating that not only provides a great look, but also increases the scratch-resistance and durability.
  • Energy PT reels feature strong and lightweight phosphor bronze main gears that will smoothly handle the heaviest loads for the life of the reel.
  • Quantum’s Continuous Anti-Reverse leads the industry in strength, guaranteeing you rock-solid hooksets.
  • Lightweight machined aluminum handle.
  • Titanium-nitride coated line guide.
  • Ultralight MaxCast skeletal ''V'' spool.
  • Quick-release side cover.

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