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Quantum Smoke PT Inshore Spinning Reel, Size 30


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The revolution continues with the Quantum Smoke PT Spinning Reel. One of the lightest and best performing spinning reels that Quantum has ever created, it's constructed with the latest advancements in reel technology and materials, including Quantum’s advanced C4FL Carbon Fiber Rotor, which minimizes rotor arm flex under heavy drag loads, and is 80% lighter than standard rotors. The Smoke's LMS Line Management System also offers superior line management for better line lay, smoother winding, and longer casts. It's designed specifically to allow the line to be captured by the spool with less friction, while the Titanium Nitride-coated ball bearing line roller reduces line twist. The reel's exclusive EXO CSC Drag System also features a series of carbon, stainless steel and ceramic discs for an extremely smooth drag that can take the heat of any fishing situation. Sleek, stylish and loaded with features, the Quantum Smoke Spinning Reel has it all.

The Quantum Smoke PT Spinning Reel features a carbon fiber rotor design and an indestructible titanium bail wire. The CSC™ carbon-stainless-ceramic drag system gives this reel a silky smooth drag. This reel is lightweight yet strong enough to handle the toughest fights! This reel also features a double-anodized aluminum MaxCast II spool which will produce less line friction and tighter coils which allows you to cast any lure like a bullet.

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    Quantum’s exclusive CSC drag system takes advantage of stainless steel, carbon fiber and ceramic washers to deliver one of the smoothest drags in the industry. Its double-anodized MaxCast II spool delivers long distance casting capabilities, and combined with the indestructible Titanium bail wire, helps mitigate any line management issues. Perfect for a range of finesse and light line applications, the Quantum Smoke Spinning Reels looks as good as it performs.

    Anyone pick up the new quantum smoke inshore spinning reels yet?

    i have a freshwater quantum smoke 25 that I love and got a lot of use with, and the saltwater version looks like its sealed a little better and maybe more corrosion resistant.

    Looking for a lightweight saltwater reel, under 10oz, to use on the Century surf rods under 10 feet, mostly the 8', 8'6" and 9'6" slingshots. Will be used in the backbays for stripers and weakfish.

    Open to other option, been doing a lot of searching and looking around, shimano stratic and the sustain seem like winners, penn battle, sargus, and fierce, daiwa certate and ballistic.

    Thanks for any feedback.