Eley Free Standing Garden Hose Reel Model 1042


Eley Rapid Reel Hose Reel 100 Ft. - Florida Power Washing

Now you might possibly be thinking, wouldn’t a steel reel rust? Luckily, most rapid reel’s have a fine protective coating covering it. This protective layer helps prevent the reel from rusting and getting scratches. In order to ensure that your rapid reel garden hose has this protective layer, consult with the manufacturer or the company’s website. Or just go to we have the answers to most all of your hose-related questions.

This is why most people find garden hose reels so appealing, especially rapid reel garden hose reels. If you do not have one, you don’t know what you are missing. These reels can be fastened to the wall of your house in a matter of seconds: no assembly required. Except for screwing the handle onto the rapid reel garden hose.

Eley Rapid Reel Hose Reel 100 Ft

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Rapid Reel Air Hose Reel — Holds 3/8in

The Rapid Reel hose reels from BAR Group are compatible with all brands of pressure cleaners and are supported with a comprehensive stock of spare parts.

BAR Group has been appointed an Australian distributor for Rapid Reel, a USA manufacturer of high pressure hose reels.

The Rapid Reel hose reel is designed to provide superior performance and quality compared to the average high pressure reel.

Features include:

- Cam lever brake to prevent unspooling.
- Leak Proof Brass swivel designed to provide a 10 year life expectancy.
- Innovative Braking system applies adjustable drag to keep the hose from free spinning off the reel, while being pulled out.
- Solid surface drum with no sharp edges, bends or corners extends hose life.
- Rated to 5000 Psi.
- Capacity to 65 metres (for 3/8” Hose).
- Constructed of 100% rust proof die-cast aluminium, with a black powder coated finish.
- Many mounting options, including Wall, Stud plate and various shaped support arms.

Hose reels are a valuable addition to high pressure washers and drain cleaners. Hose Reels extend hose life by preventing general abrasion damage and kinks for hose, not properly stored. Hose Reels also save time through more efficient operation.