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Ardent Reel Kleen Cleaner, 16-Ounce


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Ardent® Reel Kleen® Cleaner is a chemically engineered solvent specifically designed to break up old grease and dirt to allow for easy cleaning of fishing reels. Reel Kleen Cleaner is 100% compliant with all reel components, so it will not damage internal parts. In addition, Ardent's Reel Kleen Cleaner has specially formulated additives that allow it to dry clean - leaving no residue to inhibit performance. 2 oz.

I used to use a product from Penn called rod and reel spray cleaner, but with how many trips I take throughout the week/weekend it took too much time to wipe down the reels. So now I just spray the reels and rods down with freshwater the old-fashioned way and add a little grease to the shaft and clean and dry the drag washers occasionally.

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4 Reel Cleaner is a peroxide-based cleaner formulated with hydrogen peroxide and orange oil which makes for a powerful cleaner while also being environmentally responsible. It contains the oxygen activated cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide, natural orange oil and wetting agents combined to yield a truly remarkable, biodegradable, multi-surface cleaner and deodorizer. Hydrogen peroxide oxidizes grit, stains, blood and salts, and destroys odor while the orange oil penetrates and emulsifies oil, grease and leaves a pleasant orange scent.

Used by professional reel repair shops, is an all new, self-rinsing, environmentally safe and powerful fishing reel, rod and tackle cleaner. 4 Reel Cleaner eliminates harmful salt spray, stains, mold, grit, blood and even removes grime buildup and lingering odors. It is also perfect for cleaning, maintaining and prolonging the life of even the most high-end fishing, boating and sporting equipment.