Reel Cleaner for Pinned MT Connectors

Penn 12OZCLNCS6 Rod and Reel Cleaner, 12-Ounce


Comments about Ardent Reel Cleaning Kit:

The Reel Cleaner™ makes touchless cleaning more convenient. Its unique reels are designed to store each of the hoses, eliminating tangle hassles and reducing storage space. The compact size of the Reel Cleaner™ allows for easy maneuverability and good sight lines for transporting. In addition, a clean water sight gauge assists in monitoring the amount of water in the tank and enables dumping the tank without plugging in the machine.

Using the Reel Cleaner™ increases productivity and employee moral. Tedious, time consuming tasks of wiping down fixtures, scrubbing hard to reach areas and dusting difficult surfaces are eliminated by the ability to spray or blow dirt away. The Reel Cleaner™ has a 25 gallon clean water tank, enabling more area to be cleaned before dumping and refilling the tank. The ergonomic handle is adjustable so operators can move the machine with ease.

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Reel Cleaning Kit Salzwasser
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Pretreat your hardware with Reel Saver Cleaner.

I used to use a product from Penn called rod and reel spray cleaner, but with how many trips I take throughout the week/weekend it took too much time to wipe down the reels. So now I just spray the reels and rods down with freshwater the old-fashioned way and add a little grease to the shaft and clean and dry the drag washers occasionally.

Keep your rod and reel free of dirt, muck, and gunk with Penn Rod and Reel Cleaner. This high-intensity cleaning product is also built to lubricate and prevent corrosion and salt build-up, making sure your gear always performs at its best. Works better in saltwater than anything else on the market. Perfect for cleaning the interior and exterior of reel parts, rods, pliers, knives, and boat trailers. 12-oz. spray bottle.